President of Ukraine

We must de-occupy all lands that Russia is trying to keep for itself – address of President of Ukraine

7 October 2022 - 21:26

We must de-occupy all lands that Russia is trying to keep for itself – address of President of Ukraine

Dear Ukrainians!

An important decision was made today. It's fair. Legally perfect. Historical.

Ukraine confirmed its respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Japan, including its Northern territories, which are still under Russian occupation.

Today, I signed the relevant decree. There is a corresponding statement of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. And we call on everyone in the world to make similar decisions.

Russia has no right to these territories. Everyone in the world knows this well. And we must finally act.

We must de-occupy all the lands that the Russian occupiers are trying to keep for themselves.

Only in this way can we return the full force to international law. The UN Charter and the entire complex of treaties and conventions on which the international legal order is based will work only when the occupiers lose and the nations in the world are protected from any occupations.

With this war against Ukraine, against the international legal order, against our people, Russia has put itself in conditions – and it is now only a matter of time – of the real liberation of everything that once was seized and is now under the control of the Kremlin.

Russia, by its example, will show all potential aggressors of the world that an aggressive terrorist war in our time is a way to weaken and inevitably destroy the one who starts such a war.

The aggressor must lose. So be it. So that such wars do not happen again and that the peace is really long-term. Nothing should be left for the invaders.

I believe: justice will be restored for our partners as well.

This week alone, our soldiers liberated 776 square kilometers of territory in the east of our country and 29 settlements, including six in Luhansk region, from the Russian pseudo-referendum. In total, 2,434 square kilometers of our land and 96 settlements have already been liberated since the beginning of this offensive operation.

And today I want to mention the fighters of the 92nd Separate Mechanized Brigade, the 80th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade and the 25th Separate Airborne Brigade and note their heroic efforts to liberate Ukrainian land.

There are also good results in the south of Ukraine this week – we are liberating our land and our people there from the pseudo-referendum every day.

We will certainly come to the lands that were occupied by Russia earlier.

I'm thankful to all our defenders who ensure this!

During these 225 days, 29,887 Ukrainian soldiers were awarded state awards. A total of 178 soldiers were awarded the title of Hero of Ukraine.

Such a scale of courage and heroism of our fighters unequivocally proves that Ukraine cannot be stopped.

And each of the Russian attacks, all manifestations of Russian terror – against Zaporizhzhia, against Kharkiv, against Mykolaiv, against Donbas and all our other territories – only prove that the liberation of our entire land is the only foundation of peace and security for all Ukrainians.

Today, I took part in the meeting of the European Council. I thanked our partners for the eighth package of sanctions against Russia and for all the support for Ukraine that is already provided.

We are working together to increase our common capabilities – of everyone in Europe.

Preparations have already begun for important events planned for next week, both in Ukraine and at the international level.

It will be a strong week for our state, it will be a strong week for our defense.

Eternal glory to all those who fight and work for peace for Ukraine!

Eternal glory to our heroes!

Glory to Ukraine!