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Active work continues on recommendations on security guarantees for Ukraine - Andriy Yermak

16 August 2022 - 23:18

Active work continues on recommendations on security guarantees for Ukraine - Andriy Yermak

The group on international security guarantees for Ukraine co-chaired by Head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak and former Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen is actively working on the preparation of the first document with recommendations on future security guarantees for our country. Andriy Yermak told this at a joint briefing with representatives of the group of world leaders The Elders Ban Ki-moon and Juan Manuel Santos Calderón in Kyiv.

He emphasized that these distinguished people, whose opinion is listened to in the world, share the position of the leadership of the Ukrainian state regarding the importance of such work and obtaining clear legal security guarantees for Ukraine.

"Work is ongoing on the first document, the first recommendations regarding security guarantees. This work is not easy, but I think a document will appear in the near future," said the Head of the President's Office.

According to him, both the group on international security guarantees and Ukrainian specialists and experts are fruitfully working on this.

"Countries that are potentially interested in being security guarantors for Ukraine are being added," Andriy Yermak said.

For his part, former UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon noted that Russian aggression against our country caused global problems and created difficulties for billions of people in the world.

In his opinion, Russia must stop its unmotivated aggression against Ukraine as a UN member state. The former Secretary-General of the United Nations emphasized that after this there should be trials to bring to justice those responsible for the aggression.

"I hope that soon there will be certain results, in particular from the International Criminal Court. And according to these results, certain decisions should be made," he said.

Former President of Colombia Jose Manuel Santos Calderón noted: the fact that such crimes are committed, such aggression takes place, indicates problems with the structure of multilateral international relations.

"We have to discuss how to strengthen this international structure. Now it is high time to start such discussions, as we have seen what is happening. If one of the UN member states invades the territory of another state, then, of course, no one should put up with this. And every country should condemn this, because it is exposed to the risk that something similar will happen to it," he is convinced.