President of Ukraine

We are already confident that at the end of the road we will remain free and gain peace - speech by the President of Ukraine at a special session of the Storting 

16 February 2023 - 11:48

We are already confident that at the end of the road we will remain free and gain peace - speech by the President of Ukraine at a special session of the Storting 

Thank you very much!

Mr. Prime Minister, Jonas, thank you for your kind words about Ukraine and for your leadership. This is what strengthens both our countries.

And of course, I am grateful for the globally important precedent of resilience that Norway is setting.

Ladies and Gentlemen! Mr. President of the Storting, members of the Parliament and the Government!

Mr. Prime Minister!

People of Norway!

I am grateful to all of you for your principled and unwavering support. For the thousands of Ukrainian lives saved. For the things that became a reality due to the Norwegian assistance to our defense.

I first addressed the Norwegian Parliament and all Norwegians on the 35th day of this war. Today is the 358th day of the war. And the main difference between March last year and February this year is confidence.

Confidence that the free world will not betray the values of freedom. Confidence that Ukraine will not be left alone with such an enemy. Confidence that Europe will not give up any of its rocks to the enemy, as every part of our Europe makes us all stronger.

Norway's contribution to this confidence is truly historic.

You help us with air defense systems, and this protects our cities from Russian terror. You help us with anti-tank weapons and artillery, and this saves Ukrainians from the expansion of Russian torture chambers and abuse on our land. You help us with the restoration of energy after missile strikes and Iranian drone strikes, and this returns people to normal life.

And now you are setting a precedent of long-term financial support for a state that defends its independence and the right of every nation to live in accordance with generally recognized international norms.

Why is this precedent important?

Because it not only gives you the feeling that you have a tomorrow. It gives you the feeling that tomorrow, just like today, you will have a reliable partner by your side.

A partner who values life and people as much as you do. A partner who, like you, understands the importance of social stability. A partner who, like you, wants states to border not with aggressors but with good neighbors.

Ukrainians and Norwegians are exactly such partners. We share the same values, and therefore we are united in defense. United in defense, and therefore united in future victory.

And it will be a solid basis for the security of everyone in the world if your view of resilience becomes a guideline for other defenders of freedom.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The support program that Norway is approving for our country, which sets a precedent for guaranteed sustainable support for the struggle for freedom, is designed for five years. No one on earth today can say what exactly will happen during this time. Five years.

But we all understand exactly what will not happen.

Russia will not defeat our unity - all of us who value freedom. The Kremlin will not make intimidation and terror the new norm for Europe. A terrorist state will not convince anyone that killing and robbing is better than living by the law and cooperating. And the Russian flag will not take root in the occupied territory of Ukraine.

This is just as sure as your NASAMS protect our skies. I especially thank you for them! Because every day and every night we need air defense - it is a matter of life for Ukraine.

Just one example: last night there was another Russian missile attack, 36 missiles. Against people again, there were victims again. But still - half of the missiles were shot down! And we are doing our best to ensure that one hundred percent of Russian terror ends in failure.

We've come a tremendous way since my first appeal to Storting.

And we still have to work hard to win, this is obvious. We still have a lot to do on the battlefield in Ukraine. And we still have to remain vigilant in order not to lose the unity of the world and to constantly strengthen the resilience of our partners.

But we are already confident that at the end of the road, no matter how long it may be, we will remain free, we will definitely gain peace and we will retain respect for ourselves and for each other.

Because we do not betray our principles, and this is the most important thing. We are acting systemically and in a long-term manner, and this is the most effective manner.

Thank you, Norway! Thank you again, Jonas, Mr. Prime Minister, and thank you to everyone here for your support!

Glory to Ukraine!