President of Ukraine

President: Ukraine will be number one in military tech

27 August 2023 - 19:25

President: Ukraine will be number one in military tech

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy is convinced that one of the most promising areas of Ukraine's development now and after our victory will be security-related industries and security technologies. He said this in an interview with journalist Natalia Moseychuk.

"Ukraine has great opportunities: from technology to agriculture. Now a new direction where we are number one is the security sector," the Head of State noted when asked about his vision of economic development of our country and attraction of investors.

The President said that Ukraine had responded to the request of its partners to hold a forum in the field of military tech in October. According to him, the forum will be attended by many companies - leading industry representatives from around the world. Volodymyr Zelenskyy did not rule out the possibility of signing contracts during this event.

The Head of State emphasized: "Ukraine is now open to partners and investors, and each of them can find their own niche and receive state support.

In addition, as the President noted, Ukraine has already revived its defense industry production and is manufacturing a number of NATO-standard equipment.

"It is of great importance that we are a tester, a pioneer - in the good sense of the word - of the launch and use of many types of ammunition. Modern ones. This is a great example for many businessmen around the world. I think we will be number one in this area - military tech and digital. At least on the European continent," the Head of State said.

In addition, several programs have been launched at Ukroboronprom enterprises, including missile programs.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted that Ukraine currently produces Neptune, Stugna, and Corsar, and the volume of this production is growing significantly.

"It's just enormous numbers that are constantly at the front, constantly in need, that our servicemen approve, and they want even more, but you can't even imagine how many we are producing. It's a big, very big number," the President said.

Also, according to the Head of State, Ukraine has launched the production of NATO-standard artillery.

"It has never been in Ukraine and was not supposed to be, but we managed to come to an agreement. We have domestic artillery that is on the battlefield today. This is 155-caliber artillery, which has never been there before. We now have production, and not just of one system, but systemic production. This is still not enough, very little for the front, but it is already many times more than before," he said and added that the production of many things requires discussion with partners to obtain technological permits. At the same time, Volodymyr Zelenskyy assured that our partners do not prohibit us from developing certain defense areas, but rather provide support.

"We speak, we work. For example, CV90 - they wanted it to be public. I didn't mind, but now we have to hide the plant. However, this is important. We will get the armored vehicle and the technology. And then it depends on our partners when we will be able to implement these technologies in Ukraine. There will be a lot of such technologies in our country, I am sure of it," the President said.

The Head of State also recalled the development of the production of a large number of drones and suggested that it is necessary to develop not only state production, but also private production.

He believes that after the victory, a lot of technology and investment will come to Ukraine.

"It will come to the state's economy from the EU, the United States, and simply from friends. There are investments, believe me. We are talking to various countries from other continents, large states, powerful, independent - they are not members of any alliances, but they support us today in a not very public way - they will be able to enter the fundamental economic sectors of Ukraine, the energy sector. This is a serious investment," Volodymyr Zelenskyy said.