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Ukrainian Peace Formula is not just about ending the war, but about preventing wars in the future – Andriy Yermak at the Yalta European Strategy meeting

8 September 2023 - 22:38

Ukrainian Peace Formula is not just about ending the war, but about preventing wars in the future – Andriy Yermak at the Yalta European Strategy meeting

Ukraine, together with its partners, can develop a new security system that will help not only guarantee lasting peace in our country but also prevent the emergence of new aggressions in the future. This was emphasized by Head of the President's Office Andriy Yermak during the panel "What works in the world today and what needs to be changed" within the 18th meeting of the Yalta European strategy "The Future is Decided in Ukraine".

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson, Head of the Center for Civil Liberties and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, human rights defender Oleksandra Matviichuk, professor of Stanford University, American philosopher, economist and publicist Francis Fukuyama also took part in the discussion panel. The discussion was moderated by CNN TV host Fareed Zakaria.

Yermak said that Russia started aggression against Ukraine and the war continues on our territory, therefore the Ukrainian state has the right to propose a peace plan and is extremely interested in its implementation.

He recalled that the Peace Formula presented at the G19 summit by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy is based on the rules of international law and the UN Charter.

To clarify the principles of this initiative, Ukraine has started a series of consultations at the level of national security advisors and political directors, during which it calls for joining the implementation of the 10 points of the Peace Formula. In particular, according to Yermak, there have already been two meetings at the level of advisors – in Copenhagen and Jeddah – involving representatives of the Global South. Preparations for the third meeting are now underway.

"It would be true to say that we have different positions on how to achieve the desired results but we will continue the work of uniting the world around the Formula," the head of the Office of the President said.

Yermak said that during such meetings, the Ukrainian side not only informs its partners. It is open to proposals from other countries that respect international law, sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of our state within internationally recognized borders.

"All the main principles of this platform are that we are ready to hear and listen to the entire civilized world," the head of the President's Office stated.

Yermak emphasized: The Ukrainian Peace Formula is not just about ending the war, settling the crisis and overcoming the consequences of aggression, but about how to prevent such wars in the future, therefore it is crucial to involve the world community in its implementation.

As for whether it is possible to involve Russia in this process, in particular through intermediaries, the head of the President's Office expressed the opinion that this is possible only after the implementation of all points of the Formula, including the withdrawal of Russian troops from Ukrainian territory – for the legal formalization of the end of the war.

"At the previous peace summit, after we can implement everything outlined in the previous nine points of the Formula, of course, there may be some opportunity to meet. But not Ukraine and Russia, but to gather all the countries that will be involved, that will carry out all this work together with us and will be guarantors. And we will be able to legally confirm that the war is over. Ukraine has returned all its territories, will receive all compensation for the damage caused, and all people responsible for this crisis will be brought to justice," he said.

Commenting on the process of providing Ukraine with security guarantees from partners as a component of the Peace Formula, the head of the President's Office said that our country needs these guarantees until it acquires full membership in NATO. Therefore, Ukraine began negotiations with its partners regarding security guarantees, and at the Vilnius NATO summit, the G7 states agreed on a Joint Declaration of support for our state. Currently, more than 20 countries have joined the declaration. Within its borders, negotiations with the United States and the United Kingdom have been started, and a decision to start working with Canada, Japan and other countries on bilateral security agreements has been made.

"I believe that all of this together allows us to develop a new security system that will help Ukraine ensure true security not only for itself. To not only defend ourselves but also to prevent potential aggressors from even thinking about something similar in the future," Yermak concluded.