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The situation with receiving humanitarian aid from charitable organizations was discussed in the Office of the President

26 February 2020 - 19:01

The situation with receiving humanitarian aid from charitable organizations was discussed in the Office of the President

The meeting with representatives of the organizations dealing with the provision of humanitarian aid to Ukraine was held in the Office of the President under the chairmanship of the President’s Commissioner for Volunteer Affairs Natalia Pushkariova.

"My main task is constructive assistance to the central executive bodies from the volunteer movement and from the public, which is based on the principle of mutual responsibility of the authorities and the public, participation in the development of effective networks," Natalia Pushkariova said, addressing the participants of the meeting.

The President’s Commissioner emphasized that open communication between agencies and volunteer organizations would increase the efficiency of providing the necessary assistance to the people who need it.

Deputy Minister of Social Policy Oleh Koval informed the participants of the meeting about the situation with the import of  humanitarian aid to Ukraine and its customs clearance.

According to Oleh Koval, the Accounting Chamber examined the principles and approaches in recognizing goods as humanitarian aid.

"Recommendations were made regarding the control over the reporting (on aid distribution - ed.) by humanitarian aid recipients and the issues related to providing documents in the case of recognizing cargo as humanitarian," Oleh Koval said.

The Deputy Minister of Social Policy stated that it had led to the exclusion of 79 charitable organizations from the register of humanitarian aid recipients. Due to international law, the ICRC and UNICEF have managed to renew their right to distribute assistance.

"The ICRC and UNICEF are currently providing us with reports, and cooperation is being continued," Oleh Koval said.

He stressed that charitable organizations were changing their approaches to preparing documents on humanitarian aid recognition.

Oleh Koval noted that certain statutory regulations created difficulties in providing humanitarian aid to legal entities.

Natalia Pushkariova suggested setting up a working group to look after the activities of volunteer and charitable organizations. In particular, it is necessary to develop ways to simplify obtaining a permit to import humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

President of the Dutch Spoetnik Foundation Beja Kluiters Albers stressed the importance of amending legislation that could simplify the activities of charitable organizations in Ukraine. In particular, it is necessary to arrange the issuance of permits for the import of humanitarian aid.

Natalia Pushkariova noted that international charities needed special attention from society.

"This is not only humanitarian, social, educational assistance, this is the promotion of Ukraine in European countries," she stressed.

The President’s Commissioner called on the representatives of relevant ministries, departments and people's deputies to be involved in solving the problems of volunteer and charitable organizations.

Also, Natalia Pushkariova congratulated Beja Kluiters Albers on the award of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine "Honor Decoration" for her long-standing contribution to charity work.