President of Ukraine

It is important that, as long as the aggression continues, Russia does not have any access to sports, Olympic venues - address by the President of Ukraine

20 April 2023 - 23:09

It is important that, as long as the aggression continues, Russia does not have any access to sports, Olympic venues - address by the President of Ukraine

Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

I’ve just addressed the Mexican parliament, and this is already the second such address to the Latin American region. I am grateful to Mexico for the attention to Ukraine and for supporting our view on international security, on the need for the broadest possible unity of the world to protect international law.

Because if the law does not work, the threat to life will only grow... Bandits and aggressors will become even more insolent. We have to prevent this.

In fact, the talks with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg were devoted to the same thing today in Kyiv. Defense of Ukraine. Protection of the entire rules-based international order. Protection of life.

We are preparing for the Ramstein meeting, and Mr. Stoltenberg's position is important. We are preparing for our active actions at the front – they are inevitable.

We are also preparing for the NATO Summit in Vilnius, which is scheduled for the summer of this year, but its content is already being worked out. Exactly at such meetings, in contacts of various levels that we conduct with partners.

Neither the majority of Ukrainians, nor the majority of Europeans, nor the majority of the inhabitants of the entire NATO space will understand the leaders of the Alliance, if a well-deserved political invitation to the Alliance is not sounded for Ukraine at this Summit in Vilnius.

Ukraine did everything to ensure that our application was approved.

It is difficult to even say whose contribution to European and Euro-Atlantic security is greater than that of our warriors... Ukrainian men and women who defend freedom with their lives. I am grateful to all partners who support us in this.

The International Summit of Cities and Regions was held today in Kyiv. A new format of cooperation between our state and partners.

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Ukraine, which unites the central government and local leaders, is now gaining an international level. To more actively involve foreign partners in the reconstruction of our state, in the development of the economy and infrastructure in our communities.

I am grateful to everyone who took part in the Summit... Representatives of different countries, cities, municipalities. European institutions, the Council of Europe, the President of the European Committee of the Regions... More than a hundred participants from almost forty countries. I am grateful to everyone for supporting Ukraine!

Today I met with the Mayor of Paris, Mrs. Anne Hidalgo. I had the honor to present her with a special award of Ukraine for the capital of France, the award of the rescuer city.

Paris has become one of the biggest centers of power for Ukraine in Europe - in every sense.

I would like to especially note the help in protecting our energy sector. It was in the capital of France that a conference of the so-called "Energy Ramstein" format was held. Paris has accumulated significant support for Ukraine with energy equipment, provides social and humanitarian support.

I thank all French people, all Parisians, French President Macron for constant attention to Ukraine, for leadership. And I especially want to note the absolutely principled position - and so congruent with Ukrainian - of the Mayor of Paris regarding the protection of the Olympic Movement from Russian ideologization and propaganda.

It is obvious that a terrorist state will do everything to justify itself through sports or to use the international Olympic Movement to support its aggression.

That is why it is important that, as long as the aggression continues, the Russian state does not have any access to sports, Olympic venues. In particular, to the Paris venue – it is this city that will host the 2024 Olympics.

Today, the Mayor of Paris once again confirmed that she sees no place for representatives of the aggressor state in Paris as long as the aggression continues. This is a clear and important signal, thank you for it.

It would be great if exactly such signals were heard in the International Olympic Committee, where, unfortunately, the personal benefit of individual bureaucrats dominates the Olympic principles.

And one more thing. Today, the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims ends... And it ends for the second time during the full-scale aggression of the evil state against Ukraine, against all our people, all communities. The bright holiday of Ramazan-Bayramı deserves completely different conditions. Deserves peace we so long for, deserves victory to which we are all heading. I believe that the Lord will bless Ukraine with freedom for all our territories and all our people.

I wish our entire Muslim community and all Muslims of the world a peaceful holiday!

Ramazan bayramıñız hayırlı ve mubarek olsun!

Glory to all our warriors who are now fighting for Ukraine! Thanks to everyone who helps!

Glory to Ukraine!