President of Ukraine

A regular meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group was held in the format of a video conference

28 May 2020 - 11:21

A regular meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group (Ukraine, Russia, OSCE) was held in the format of a video conference.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Ukrainian delegation stressed the need to establish permanent, unconditional and sustainable observance of the ceasefire regime.

In addition, Ukraine insisted on the need for the Russian party to ensure unconditional and unhindered access for the OSCE SMM to record, in particular, possible violations of the ceasefire regime, ensure the movement of humanitarian missions.

The representatives of the OSCE SMM reported that their patrols had recorded traces of heavy weapons on the territory of ORDLO.

For its part, the Ukrainian delegation stressed that during the extraordinary meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group on May 22, 2020, the OSCE representatives had not confirmed the facts of shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the framework of the security group, the discussion on the issue of new areas of disengagement of forces and assets continued.

A common understanding has been reached between Ukraine and the OSCE on security issues, which is based on the unconditional and full implementation of the mandate given to the OSCE SMM by all means.

Consultations are under way on additional measures for the full and comprehensive implementation of the ceasefire regime and the updated demining plan as prerequisites for continuing the process of disengagement of forces and assets under the OSCE SMM verification and control.

The OSCE also noted the work of Ukraine in implementing the updated demining plan, as provided for in the communiqué following the Normandy Four meeting in Paris.

In the framework of the work of the humanitarian group, an agreement was reached to discuss the lists for the mutual release of detainees at the next meeting.

The parties continued discussions on the opening of new checkpoints on the delimitation line, in particular in Zolote. The parties also discussed the issue of ensuring the unimpeded crossing of the checkpoints by entrants in the framework of the admission campaign, defining it as a humanitarian need.

During the discussion in the political group of the possibility of holding elections on the territory of ORDLO, the Ukrainian party reiterated that elections in the temporarily occupied territories of Donbas can take place only after the implementation of the security requirements, including withdrawal of foreign troops from Ukraine and disarmament of military formations, obtaining control over the border by Ukraine. Additionally, it can take place exclusively under Ukrainian law, provided that the activities of Ukrainian media, political parties and international observers are ensured.

During the work of the economic group, the Ukrainian party stressed that the restoration of the banking system and the taxation system can take place in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. The Russian party did not object to the importance of the rule of Ukrainian law in the temporarily uncontrolled territory.