President of Ukraine

The Supreme Anticorruption Court should become a true pillar of the state in the fight against corruption - President

11 April 2019 - 16:27

The Supreme Anticorruption Court should become a true pillar of the state in the fight against corruption - President

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko took part in the ceremony of the appointment of judges of the Supreme Anticorruption Court.

"A long-awaited event for our country. A remarkable day for each of you. We have been coming to this day for three long years. From the voting in the Verkhovna Rada for constitutional amendments on justice and the new law on judiciary. It was then that Ukraine has made a strategic decision to create an anticorruption court. It was an integral part of the law "On the Judiciary". A decision to create it in a transparent contest and to involve the best lawyers in its structure," the President said.

The Head of State stressed: "The Supreme Anticorruption Court must significantly strengthen the entire judicial system of Ukraine and become a true pillar for our state in an extremely important area - fight against corruption". He reminded that highly qualified international experts from many countries - former judges and prosecutors from Great Britain, Canada, Denmark, Lithuania, Macedonia - were involved in the competitive procedures.

"And for me personally this competition has become a real breakthrough. This selection lasted long seven months. Several hundred candidates: judges, scholars, lawyers. Unprecedented and extraordinary transparency and publicity of each procedure, unprecedented openness. Everyone had an opportunity to watch each stage live," the President said and emphasized that this work had demonstrated high standards for Ukraine. "It is also very difficult to find examples of such a coordinated, transparent and important work during the selection of future judges  in the world," he added.

The President thanked the members of the Supreme Council of Justice for the unprecedented, hard and effective work they have done in such a short time.

"Today, we finally see the result of this cooperation - 38 new judges are starting to perform their duties in a completely new court. You have all the levers and tools to be successful. For the judicial reform, for the first time in the history of Ukraine, has given you independence from the legislative and executive branches of power, by the way, from the President as well. My role is completed now, during your ceremony of taking oath," the Head of State said.

"I understand that on this difficult path of combating corruption, each of you has made a choice in favor of the Ukrainian state, putting personal security in second place. And I am very grateful to you for this difficult choice," the President appealed to the newly elected judges.

According to him, due to the changes in the relevant legislation, European standards of legal proceedings are working in Ukraine. "We are improving the criminal process, using the best world practices, first of all, the practice of the European Court of Human Rights," the President said.

"Dear judges, on this clean sheet, you will write a new history and build a new system guided by European standards and values. I believe in each of you, and I definitely believe in our country. I emphasize that with the creation of the anticorruption court, we are completing the creation of an independent anticorruption infrastructure. You bear an extremely high responsibility. I firmly believe that you will cope with that," the Head of State summed up.