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EU supports the implementation of “A State in a Smartphone” concept - Mykhailo Fedorov

10 July 2019 - 18:54

EU supports the implementation of “A State in a Smartphone” concept - Mykhailo Fedorov

On July, Advisor to the Head of State Mykhailo Fedorov had a meeting with representative of the Support Group for Ukraine in the European Commission Frank Paul, representative of the European Union Delegation to Ukraine Martin Klaucke and coordinator of the "Public Administration Reform" sector of the EU Delegation to Ukraine Serhiy Ladnyi in the Office of the President of Ukraine.

Advisor to the President of Ukraine presented to the European partners a digital plan of action.

"We have clear plans for the year and KPI (Key Performance Indicators - ed.) until 2024. "A State in a Smartphone" for me is when a Ukrainian can solve any of his life or business situations online in one click and preferably from a smartphone, when a citizen will forget how the official looks like and where he is, when Ukrainians will be able to actively take part in state-building through a smartphone - it's about electronic petitions, consultations and even elections," Mykhailo Fedorov stressed.

"We will also pay great attention to the development of the digital economy. Today, we are uncompetitive in the world, ineffective. It is only digitalization of the branches of the economy that can give us a boost and real economic growth," the Advisor to the President of Ukraine noted.

"Today, the government approved a very important decision on the implementation of the eMaliatko project, which is unique and innovative on a global scale. eMalatko is an opportunity to receive 10 state services related to the birth of a child with one application. This is a service of the new generation, a new philosophy of providing e-services. We will continue to focus on the implementation of such comprehensive and breakthrough electronic services," First Deputy Head of the State Agency for e-Governance Oleksiy Vyskub said.

During the meeting, the representatives of the European Commission informed of the preparation of an international project of assistance to Ukraine worth 25 million euros for the development of the digital economy and e-governance. They also gave their recommendations to "A State in a Smartphone" concept. The key proposals were related to the development of identification of citizens, introduction of an effective management structure for the sphere’s development and organization of the implementation of the ambitious tasks set.

All these tasks will be included in a single action plan and coordination meetings will be regular, as stated by Mykhailo Fedorov.