President of Ukraine

We attract as many countries and leaders as possible for the sake of Ukraine – address of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

20 May 2023 - 18:18

We attract as many countries and leaders as possible for the sake of Ukraine – address of President Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Dear Ukrainians, I wish you health!

Today is the first day of meetings and negotiations in Japan on the eve of the G7 summit.

We coordinate positions with partners, prepare new joint steps. Defense: weapons, air defense, fighter jets. We attract as many countries and leaders as possible for the sake of Ukraine. Peace Formula. Long-term support programs for Ukraine. Finance and economy.

I met with Giorgia Meloni, head of the Italian government. We saw how our agreements from the negotiations in Rome are being implemented. I told Giorgia about the agreements at the Arab League summit. We looked at how we can now enhance with Italy our capabilities to protect life from Russian air terror.

Talks with Rishi, Mr. Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. We discussed our bilateral relations, our defense. I thanked him for the leadership in developing our capabilities in the sky – the United Kingdom very actively tackles the issue of modern fighter jets for Ukraine, and these are historical things.

I spoke with the Prime Minister of India, Modi. Serious talk. I gave an update on the progress of our Peace Formula.

We have already passed many stages of presenting the Formula to the leaders and countries from different parts of the world. The day before, the Formula was successfully presented to the participants of the Arab League summit. And we will do everything so that the involvement of the world in our peace initiative is the fullest possible.

I believe India will participate in the restoration of the rules-based international order that all free nations clearly need. We discussed support in demining, strengthening our medicine.

I spoke with President of the European Council Charles Michel. Security and defense, the economy, our common policy is the unification of the potentials of Ukraine and the entire European Union. I thank you, Charles, for your sincere, unwavering and effective support.

I met with French President Macron. We regularly exchange views on the security situation, consider various options for our joint defense and political actions. And this time too. Meaningful conversation. Adds confidence in our movement to the victory of Ukraine.

There was also a meeting with Chancellor of Germany Scholz. I thanked for Germany's extremely strong support for our defense. These are air defense, the capabilities of our army on the ground, our economy, and our policy. We discussed with Olaf how we can speed up a fair peace for Ukraine, and how we can strengthen our joint work within the G7.

And one more.

As always, I'm thankful to our warriors! To everyone who protects the Ukrainian land, the Ukrainian sea, and the Ukrainian sky.

We are sure we will return from this visit with even greater opportunities for you, our defenders! Glory to you – to all who are in a battle for our country, who are at combat posts and on combat missions, who train our soldiers, who heals our soldiers after injuries, and who help us protect life and independence.

There is no such day that Ukraine does not become stronger!

Glory to Ukraine!