President of Ukraine

The task is to speed up the moment when F-16s will help us keep Russian terrorists away – address by the President of Ukraine

25 August 2023 - 20:38

The task is to speed up the moment when F-16s will help us keep Russian terrorists away – address by the President of Ukraine

Good health to you, fellow Ukrainians!

A brief report on this day.

All the agreements we brought home from our partners are being implemented already. First of all, F-16 jets. The tasks are obvious. For the international team, it is to maximize the expansion of training missions. For the military, it is to accelerate the preparation of the infrastructure as much as possible, to send pilots and engineers to ensure Ukraine's full readiness. And all together, it is about bringing closer the moment when F-16s will help us keep Russian terrorists away.

Today I held a meeting on the results of the visits. It was a long meeting. The issue of coordination was specifically about the jets. Preparation of new defense packages - with exactly the content that our warriors need and that they told me about when I visited the front.

We are also preparing our new international events for the autumn, new steps in relations with partners that should strengthen Ukraine. The autumn will be eventful in terms of our diplomacy.

By the way, late yesterday evening I had a conversation with U.S. President Biden. It was a good conversation. I thanked him for his Independence Day greetings. We discussed how to further strengthen freedom. And we have a new important agreement: America will join the training of F-16 pilots and engineers. There will be more news in this and other areas. Thank you!

Today I met with the Turkish Foreign Minister in Kyiv. It was an important meeting. We discussed the security component, our joint diplomatic work, and the fundamental humanitarian things we are doing together. In particular, this is the release of our people from Russian captivity. We talked about the Peace Formula and the preparation of the Global Peace Summit. We also talked about the situation that has arisen due to Russia's dastardly attacks on grain exports in the Black Sea region. Obviously, these are attacks on global security. They are calculated. They are aimed at provoking crises in different regions of the world. And together with Türkiye, we can restore security step by step, as we have repeatedly proved. I believe we will do even more together.

We are already preparing for next week. There will be some special internal political meetings. They are already scheduled. Regarding legislative decisions... Something that will definitely protect our state from all those who are trying to weaken it, who, unfortunately, do not think about Ukraine, even though they hold positions in the state system. The strength of Ukraine has no alternatives.

And, of course, our warriors.

The paratroopers of the "Eightieth", who are fighting hard in the Bakhmut sector. The 68th separate hunting brigade, which is destroying the occupiers in the Lyman sector. The 12th operational brigade of the National Guard, which is delivering the results Ukraine needs in the Kreminna sector - thank you! The 46th separate airmobile brigade of the Air Assault Forces - thank you for your strength in the Orikhiv sector. The 59th separate motorized infantry brigade in the Donetsk sector – they are very, very effective. Thank you! And our rocket crewmen: the 27th Otaman Kalnyshevsky rocket artillery brigade and the 107th Kremenchuk rocket artillery brigade - thank you, warriors, for your exceptional accuracy in the Zaporizhzhia sector!

Glory to all who are fighting and working for Ukraine! 

Glory to Ukraine!