President of Ukraine

President held a meeting with members of the Government of Ukraine

27 May 2022 - 19:09

President held a meeting with members of the Government of Ukraine

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy held a working meeting with members of the Cabinet of Ministers on topical issues of the executive branch. The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Heads of the Office of the President.

Among the most pressing issues discussed were the situation with the supply of fuel to Ukraine, price control and availability of fuel at gas stations amid growing consumption, economic recovery and preparation of farmers for the harvest campaign.

Officials reported to the President on steps being taken to meet fuel demand and accumulate reserves.

In addition, Volodymyr Zelenskyy was informed about what has been done and what is planned to be done regarding the accounting of destroyed property in order to attract donor funds and confiscated assets of the Russian Federation. He was also informed about the data on frozen Russian funds all over the world.

Particular attention was paid to the preparation of a program for the return of temporarily displaced citizens to Ukraine, in particular the creation of jobs for them. It was stressed that the state must return its citizens immediately.

The parties also discussed the organization of the government's work regarding the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Among the important issues of the President's meeting with government officials were the end of the school year, conducting an external independent evaluation and admission campaign, as well as prospects and proposals for organizing the educational process in the country starting from September 1.