President of Ukraine

Olena Zelenska held the phone conversation with Her Majesty The Queen of Sweden

27 September 2022 - 17:52

Olena Zelenska held the phone conversation with Her Majesty The Queen of Sweden

First Lady of Ukraine held the phone conversation with Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden within the framework of the Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen, established by the First Lady in 2021.

Ahead of the event, Her Majesty The Queen of Sweden sent a letter in support of the event.

“I am grateful to Her Majesty for the support of the Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen with their attention. The words of support to Ukrainians in the message of Queen Silvia deeply moved all those present at the event. We are interested in expanding our cooperation in supporting children, managed by Her Majesty’s Foundation.

The World Childhood Foundation was founded in 1999 by Her Majesty Queen Silvia of Sweden. It is focused on the prevention of violence against children as well as child exploitation and abuse. The Foundation has regional offices in Sweden, Brazil, Germany and USA.

The First Lady of Ukraine reiterated the importance of Sweden’s involvement in the efforts in the sphere of “soft power” in view of its considerable experience in the areas of human rights, childhood, health and women’s rights.

Queen Silvia reconfirmed that attention in Sweden attached to the events in Ukraine. In addition to state assistance, the people of Sweden also initiate many projects in support of Ukrainians. In particular, Her Majesty remarked the children’s camp in Stockholm, organized by the Ukrainian Children Activity Center of the Swedish Beredskapslyftet initiative, which has been visited by almost 170 Ukrainian children. The format of the camp also found its support in Finland.

It bears reminding that Olena Zelenska holds a series of communications with representatives of foreign countries, who joined this year's Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen. There have already been conversations with the wives of the heads of state and government of Belgium, Austria, Latvia, Belize, Spain, North Macedonia, Serbia, and with the wife of the President of the European Council. The communications are aimed at strengthening and deepening international cooperation in humanitarian, cultural, educational and social spheres as well as in the area of mental and physical health.

The second Summit of First Ladies and Gentlemen took place in Kyiv on July 23 in a combined format: some participants joined digitally from Warsaw, Brussels, Washington and London. The main venue was located in Kyiv on the territory of the Sophia of Kyiv National Reserve. 23 first ladies and almost 50 world-famous speakers attended the Summit, which was covered in more than 20 countries. The event was devoted to the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine, namely the restoration of its human capital. One of the main tasks of the Summit was to raise funds for type C ambulance vehicles. To date, it has been possible to raise more than USD 6.4 million.