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Olena Zelenska: Where our partners use the word "long", we need the word "faster"

8 August 2023 - 16:59

Olena Zelenska: Where our partners use the word

Ukraine wants the war to end as soon as possible, and the international community's assistance should be aimed precisely at this, First Lady Olena Zelenska said in a video interview with The Independent.

"We constantly hear from our Western partners that they will be with us for as long as it takes. But the word "long" is not the word we should use. We should use the word "faster"," the President's wife said, commenting on the topic of global support for Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression.

According to the First Lady, the aggressor's victory would be the worst case scenario for all of humanity: "It would mean that global deterrence factors do not work. It would mean that anyone with power, strength and sufficient financial resources can do whatever they want in this world."

She emphasized that Ukraine is currently not only defending its interests, but also trying to preserve the democratic balance in the world.

"Ukrainians are paying for this with the lives of their fellow countrymen, while the rest of the world is simply paying with its resources," Olena Zelenska emphasized.