President of Ukraine

President during a video meeting with the leadership of Goldman Sachs: Support Ukraine's economy now, and you will win in the future

20 September 2022 - 19:59

President during a video meeting with the leadership of Goldman Sachs: Support Ukraine's economy now, and you will win in the future

As Ukraine demonstrates resilience on the battlefield in the fight against the Russian aggressor, representatives of global business should demonstrate resilience in supporting the Ukrainian economy. This was stated by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy during a meeting in the format of a video conference with members of the Management Committee of one of the largest investment companies in the United States and the world, Goldman Sachs.

The Head of State emphasized that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion by Russia, Ukrainians have demonstrated unity in society and resilience on the battlefield. The state institutions of Ukraine also withstood - the National Bank, the financial sphere did not stop working, wages and pensions were paid, other transactions were carried out, etc.

As Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted, thanks to the reforms that took place in our country before the war, Ukraine was able to repel large-scale cyberattacks by the Russian Federation, and digital state services remained available to all citizens.

According to the President, demonstrating this resilience to partners, the Ukrainian authorities are calling to support the economy of our country, invest and create new jobs.

"We are real partners, and therefore we expect resilience from you as well. We ask businesses that were on the territory of Ukraine before the full-scale invasion to stay and continue to invest," said the President.

"Support us now - we really need it. Support our economy now, and you will win in the future," urged the Head of State.

According to him, despite the fact that investments during the war are risky, after the victory of Ukraine, investors will enjoy the benefits, as Ukrainians will receive a strong motivation to rebuild the country.

"If you support our economy today, Ukraine will be very grateful to you tomorrow, and you will definitely feel it," added Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

The President of Ukraine emphasized that the world is more powerful than any aggressor state when it unites.

"And we showed it. We showed that when the world is united, helps us with weapons, helps us with finances, we can oppose any colonialist power," he emphasized.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy stressed the importance of preserving unity in Europe, in particular on the eve of the winter period.

The Head of State reminded that Russia provoked the energy crisis in the world long before the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, and during the war it created a food crisis by blocking the export of food through Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea. But it was thanks to the unity of the world community that the issue of grain export was resolved.

"We united, we put pressure and ensured a food corridor. Many countries in Africa, Asia and Europe received agricultural products from us. This is what the world did when it united and exerted pressure," the President said.

Therefore, according to him, it is now important that the world community does not give in to the energy blackmail of the Russian Federation, maintains and increases the sanctions pressure, in particular on the energy resources of the Russian Federation.

The Head of State emphasized: if you give in to Russia's blackmail and make situational concessions, this will not prevent similar situations from occurring in the future. On the contrary, Russia will try to dictate its terms whenever it does not like something.

"Today, the European Union, some states are not dealing with the issue of aid to Ukraine or the issue of the energy crisis this winter - they are dealing with the issue of their capability in the future, the independence of their children, the influence of any external entity on their territorial integrity," Volodymyr Zelenskyy is convinced.

He also emphasized that non-compliance by individual countries with the sanctions introduced on the Russian Federation may encourage the Russian leadership to increase blackmail and resort to escalation. Therefore, according to him, it is important to designate Russia a state – sponsor of terrorism.

The President noted that the sanctions pressure affects Russia, particularly its economy and GDP, but ordinary Russian citizens still hardly feel the effect of strategic restrictions.

"It is extremely important for us that they feel this. Then they will understand the price of this war unleashed by their leader. Then the entire community within Russia will begin to put pressure on its authorities. And this is also fair, because it is inadmissible that anyone in the world feels this war, primarily Ukraine, but Russia definitely does not feel it. It cannot be so. The price of war should be tangible," the Head of State summarized.