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President opened a new «Peremoha» (Victory) underground station in Kharkiv

19 August 2016 - 14:15

President opened a new «Peremoha» (Victory) underground station in Kharkiv

President Petro Poroshenko took part in the solemn opening of a newly-built underground station in Kharkiv. «Peremoha» (Victory) became a 30th station of Kharkiv underground system. The Head of State presented a symbolic key to the Head of the station.

President congratulated the audience on the today’s Holy Transfiguration and Savior of the Apple Feast Day and the forthcoming holidays – Day of Kharkiv Liberation from Nazi Invaders and Independence Day of Ukraine.

«These holidays, very importantly, combine independence and victory. And we consider the victory not only as the victory in the World War II, but also as the victory Ukraine needs today as the breath of life – liberation from the aggressor, end of the war and establishment of peace, » Petro Poroshenko emphasized accenting that despite so challenging conditions the Ukrainians find strength and opportunities to revive the economy, commission new plants and factories, etc.

The Head of State reminded Kharkiv had been building this underground line for 24 years with 60% of investments made within 22 years, and 40% - during last two years. «On the daily basis, over 50 thousand Kharkiv natives and guests will enjoy the opportunity to use, as they say, the best and the most beautiful in the world Kharkiv underground,» President noted. Petro Poroshenko recalled the unique event held several years ago where Kharkiv Philarmonic Hall symphonic orchestra and choir performed at the underground station premises. President addressed the music institution’s staff with a request to repeat the event.

Petro Poroshenko mentioned the importance of cooperation with international partners and provision of funding from the national and local budgets to proceed with constructing the Kharkiv tube system. President emphasized that the Ukrainian citizens expect economic growth, raising investments into the cities and towns of Ukraine. And the launch of real decentralization program brings about the opportunity to make these expectations true, Petro Poroshenko believes. «The budget decentralization has already been implemented: we have doubled the local budgets for two years,» President accented and noted that local communities are to set funding priorities on their own.

«I am sure we would ensure economic growth and, the European Union would take a decision in the near future, and after several weeks the United Europe would open visa-free doors before the Ukrainians. I am certain that in the short run we will get strong financial cushion for our reforms in the form of a tranche. Surely, we – the united strong Ukraine - will prevail, » the Head of State emphasized.

President also granted the state decorations to the underground company staff.


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19 August 2016 - 14:08