President of Ukraine

President heard the report by Minister of Healthcare on the situation with coronavirus from China and called for better informing of the citizens

26 January 2020 - 15:32

President heard the report by Minister of Healthcare on the situation with coronavirus from China and called for better informing of the citizens

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy heard the report by the leadership of the Ministry of Healthcare on the situation with coronavirus spread from China and measures taken by the Ministry of Healthcare in this regard.

Minister Zoriana Skaletska informed that no cases of coronavirus infection had been detected in Ukraine as for now. The cases covered by the media were an ordinary flu.

According to the Minister of Healthcare, the operational staff is constantly working to coordinate the necessary medical and interagency actions.

The Ministry of Healthcare has prepared a response procedure for hospitals and doctors, agencies responsible for border crossing and laboratories.

“Today, procedures are obvious to everyone in case of detection, need for treatment and diagnosis. Laboratories and test systems are ready to detect and rule out suspected cases on whether or not they relate to Chinese coronavirus. We carry out daily interaction with international organizations that monitor the situation on a global, inter-state level,” Zoriana Skaletska emphasized.

Deputy Minister of Healthcare Viktor Liashko informed that constant operational communication with the border service, in particular at the airports, had been established, and instructions had been prepared on how to respond and check the passengers.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommended establishing temperature screening for passengers after the arrival of the aircraft and, in case of detection of persons with symptoms of illness, checking them for viruses.

Due to the incubation period, consultations have been held with family doctors to monitor and respond promptly.

Viktor Liashko also assured that Ukraine was ready to cure the virus in case of its detection.

“Those technologies that helped cure people in China are also being applied in Ukraine. Our infectious disease specialists know about them and are ready to use them. They use the same technology to cure flu-like diseases,” the Deputy Minister of Healthcare stressed.

The President emphasized the need to improve the distribution of information to the citizens and outline clear recommendations.

“Communication needs to be enhanced. People don't see it. In the news we are only told statistics - where and how many cases. But they don't say what we need to do. It is necessary to form recommendations of the first priority actions that should be done even in the case of routine seasonal ARVI,” the Head of State emphasized.

In particular, you should remind of standard measures to protect against winter illnesses, as well as give clear recommendations to avoid traveling to certain countries.

Minister Zoriana Skaletska, for her part, said: “This virus is being studied by WHO experts. Therefore, we may receive daily information on new features of response from WHO, there may be new recommendations for treatment, detection and more. We keep our eye on the ball - inform the doctors. I agree that citizens also need to be informed better”.

The President suggested having a medical headquarters or temporary service at the Boryspil airport.

The MOH representatives added that the establishment of a special laboratory for the prompt detection of viruses was currently being considered.