President of Ukraine

Achievements of students at Olympiads, as well as victories at front is evidence of conscientious work of Ukrainian educators today – Head of State

30 September 2022 - 19:32

Achievements of students at Olympiads, as well as victories at front is evidence of conscientious work of Ukrainian educators today – Head of State

On the occasion of the upcoming Educator's Day of Ukraine, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy presented state awards to educators and certificates for receiving the Head of State's award to the winners of international student Olympiads.

During the conversation with educators, Zelenskyy emphasized the importance of the mission of teachers, because they not only accompany young people in acquiring useful knowledge, but also form moral guidelines and spiritual values, reveal talents and help choose a life path.

According to the President, this is especially important at a time when the entire Ukraine and its people are actually taking an exam for endurance, strength, courage and maturity – a test for survival.

"Eight years and 219 days of the full-scale war, the whole world sees who we are, Ukrainians. It sees the result of your great, important work – educators, teachers, lecturers. All those who, with their conscientious work, raised young, strong, devoted to Ukraine students, heroes, patriots, who today bravely defend the freedom and independence of our beautiful state," Zelenskyy said.

He said that it is thanks to teachers that young Ukrainians master various sciences and important disciplines.

"This is the Ukrainian language and the meaning of certain important words. "Homeland," "independence", "dignity", "freedom". "Sacred duty," "protection of home," "our unbreakable spirit." And the main word, so desirable - "victory." This is Ukrainian geography. This is our land and our water area. What is truly ours, what is rightfully ours and what we will never give to anyone. This is Ukrainian history. The roots that our state has. The courage, with which different generations fought for the independence of generations of Ukrainians. These are all our other important sciences and disciplines, thanks to which Ukrainians know well not only the laws of mathematics, physics, chemistry, but also, above all, the laws of honor, conscience, valor," the President added.

Zelenskyy that that today, the work of Ukrainian educators is evaluated not only by student victories at Olympiads, but also by victories on the battlefield.

"Medals they receive not only after graduating from school, but also after completing counter-offensive, liberation military operations. It is not only the academic degrees and titles obtained by your students. Although it is very important, I think it is a lot of work. For eight years and 219 days, millions of them have been worthy of another title: citizen, patriot, human being," the Head of State said.

He also said that among the defenders of Ukraine there are many educators who, together with their students, defend the independence of our country with weapons in their hands.

The President thanked the educators for their courage and skill in their daily work and dedication and steadfastness in the new war realities.

In this context, Zelenskyy emphasized the importance of preserving and developing the intellectual potential of Ukraine, which is certainly the key to the success of our country.

"Today's gifted youth, with their creativity and achievements, encourages society to realize itself as a nation. A nation capable of building a powerful, self-sufficient, dignified state for dignified people," he said.

Zelenskyy reminded that today in the hall there are such young people – schoolchildren who won at the international student Olympiads in 2022. The President expressed gratitude for the truly worthy representation of Ukraine at a high international level.

"In these times, we definitely realize that knowledge is not just important, knowledge is strength. Strength is victory. And victory is our future. Our future is Ukraine. Free, strong, peaceful, flourishing, intelligent and, what is very important, educated," he said.

The head of state wished the youth good luck, new creative and scientific achievements, victories, and wished parents and teachers energy, patience and sincere joy from personal successes and new achievements of their students.

On the occasion of the professional holiday, the President presented high state awards to educators, as well as awarded the honorary titles "People's Teacher of Ukraine," "Honored Teacher of Ukraine," and "Honored Education Worker of Ukraine."

Certificates for receiving the award of the President of Ukraine were presented to ten winners and prize-winners of international Olympiads.

In 2022, teams of Ukrainian schoolchildren, in the conditions of martial law introduced due to the full-scale invasion of Russia, took part in five international student Olympiads: in mathematics (Norway), computer science (Indonesia), physics (Switzerland), chemistry (Slovenia), astronomy and astrophysics (Georgia). They won 22 medals (three gold, seven silver and 12 bronze).