President of Ukraine


Providing the necessary weapons to Ukraine means not only saving the lives of our people, not only giving us the opportunity to unblock our cities, in particular our long-suffering Mariupol, but also saving other states and other regions from further deployment of Russian aggression.

Nothing will help Russian cowardice. The day will come when they will have to admit everything. Admit the truth. All our strength and every minute are aimed at this. Defense, diplomacy, economics, information confrontation, legal responsibility - we have algorithms of action in all areas.

The task of our anti-war coalition is quite clear - to end this war started by Russia as soon as possible. To liberate our land from invaders. And to guarantee the security of Ukraine and, consequently, the security of democracy and freedom of the nations of Eastern Europe.

All the efforts of the world will be aimed to establish every minute: who did what, who gave orders. Where did the rocket come from, who was carrying it, who gave the order and how the strike was coordinated. Responsibility is inevitable.

I am grateful to the Finnish companies that have already stopped working in the Russian market. But economic ties with this country must be severed, and I urge you to put pressure on all your companies that continue to support the Russian military machine through their taxes and excise duties in Russia. All Russian banks must be immediately isolated from the global financial system.

If everyone in the world had at least ten percent of the courage that we Ukrainians have, there would be no danger to international law at all. There would be no danger to the freedom of the nations. We will spread our courage. We will start a special global campaign. We will teach the world to be not just a little bit, but full of courage. Like us, like Ukrainians.

The Republic of Cyprus has extremely powerful tools to influence Russian society. A unique force that can be put at the service of peace. All ports in the democratic world must be completely closed to Russian ships. This must be a joint decision - at the level of the European Union. But at the level of your state, it is also possible to at least freeze the use by Russians of all their yachts and other vessels in your waters. You can suspend the current privileges for Russian citizens.

Our nations have always been and will always be closely bonded. I believe that we will be able to bring peace to our Ukrainian land. We will be able to bring to justice all those responsible for these war crimes against Ukrainians, against Greeks and against all other people who fell victim to the Russian military. We will be able to rebuild Mariupol and all other Ukrainian communities where Ukrainians and Greeks will live just as peacefully and with respect for each other as it was before.

We will continue to insist on a complete blockade of the Russian banking system from international finance. We will also continue to insist on one or another format of the democratic world's refusal to buy Russian oil. It is the export of oil that is one of the foundations of Russia's aggression.

We must do everything together so that Russia forced to seek only peace. It seek only way to leave the territory of Ukraine and give us in peace. That is why I urge you to show even more leadership in our anti-war coalition! I urge you to persuade your EU partners to toughen sanctions against the Russian Federation. The sanctions that will really stop Russia's military machine.