President of Ukraine


We are aware of the attempts by Russian leaders to recruit new fools all over Russia among cadets of military schools, people with combat experience and conscripts to send them all to slaughter in another offensive. But we have no other choice - the fate of our land and our people is being decided. We know what we are fighting for. And we do everything to win.

I am sure fear is not about you. But I ask you to do everything so that other European countries do not have fear as well. You can help us. Help the world. Give us the weapons we need. And we appreciate that help, that weaponry - all that you have already given us. You can support further sanctions that are needed. And you can also destroy the fear of Russia wherever you can see it.

Now we need decisions from the Security Council. For peace in Ukraine. If you do not know how to adopt this decision, you can do two things. Remove Russia as an aggressor and a source of war from blocking decisions about its own aggression, its own war. And then do everything that can establish peace. Or show how you can reformat and really work for peace.

The time will come when every Russian will learn the whole truth about who of their fellow citizens killed. Who gave orders. Who turned a blind eye to the murders. We will establish all this.

Together we must stop these inadequate people who are accustomed to impunity and therefore decided that they are allowed absolutely everything. Together we must stop those who want genocide in Europe.

I am sure the time will come and the whole line of the state border of Ukraine will be restored. And for this to happen sooner, we must all be focused, ready to boldly face evil and respond to every criminal act against Ukraine, against our people, against our freedom.

When people defend themselves in a war of annihilation, when there is a question of the lives or deaths of millions, there are no unimportant things. There are no unimportant moments. Everything matters. And everyone can contribute to the victory of all.

Now we cannot think that we have already passed all the tests. We all strive for victory. But when it comes everyone will see it. Everyone will feel that peace is coming.

This is a war for our lives, in which we have only one way - to gain peace for Ukraine. To gain Ukraine's security.

You have already warmly welcomed more than 30,000 Ukrainians who left their homes because of this war. But it is you, as the heart of Europe, who can inspire all other Europeans to do more. To help us drive the occupiers out of Ukraine and restore the precious peace.