President of Ukraine


The ultimate goal of Russia's leadership is not just to seize the territory of Ukraine, but to dismember the entire center and east of Europe and deal a global blow to democracy. Therefore, the free world has the right to self-defense. And that is why it will help Ukraine even more.

When peace comes, everyone will see it. But for this to happen - and happen faster - we need to think not about when and what it will be. We must think every day about how to make the stay of the occupiers on our land even more unbearable.

The Russian army has made this Easter red not only formally in the calendar, but also red with blood. Christians would not do that if they had the opportunity to make peace.

And on Easter, we ask God for great grace to make our great dream come true - this is another great day - the day when great peace will come to Ukraine. And with it - eternal harmony and prosperity.

We will identify all those responsible for this strike. Those responsible for Russia's missile terror. Everyone who gives these orders. Everyone who fulfills these orders. No one will be able to hide.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are performing their tasks brilliantly. Intelligence, the National Guard, territorial defense, police, border guards - all of them work one hundred percent for the victory. But every citizen must also work for the victory - in what he does and where he is.

I urge the residents of the southern regions of Ukraine - Kherson and Zaporizhzhia regions - to be very careful about what information you provide to the invaders.

Together we are able to implement solutions that will not only stop the aggressive intentions of the Russian Federation, not only support Ukraine in this war, but also inevitably show all the potential aggressors of the world that creating problems for other states, for other nations means creating problems for themselves.

When we turn to the nations of the free world for help, we say simple and clear things. We need weapons to protect ourselves from the brutal Russian invasion, which brought to our people as much evil as the Nazi invasion did 80 years ago. We need increased pressure of sanctions on Russia, because only sanctions can force Russia to seek peace and deprive the Russian military machine of resources.

We have already proved that the Ukrainian state and public institutions are effective enough to withstand even the test of war. We are already doing as much to protect freedom on the European continent as other nations have never done.