President of Ukraine


Russia has forgotten everything that was important to the victors of World War II. But Ukraine and the whole free world will remind it. So that then no one will forget. So that really important words - "never again" - which are repeated all over the free world every year on the days of remembrance of the victims of World War II regain their weight again.

I commend the efforts of each of you. I am grateful to each of you for the weapons, sanctions and support. But I'm sure you realize that we need more weapons, more sanctions, more support to guarantee the protection of freedom. And to fix security for decades by concluding a relevant effective agreement with clear guarantees for Ukraine.

This year we say "Never again" differently. We hear "Never again" differently. It sounds painful, cruel. Without an exclamation, but with a question mark. You say: never again? Tell Ukraine about it. On February 24, the word "never" was erased. Shot and bombed. By hundreds of missiles at 4 am, which woke up the entire Ukraine. We heard terrible explosions. We heard: again!

That is why we all have to defend ourselves now. Defend our people, our cities and even our museums, which are becoming targets for Russian missile strikes.

Russian troops continued the shelling of our territory, including missile and air strikes. I ask all our citizens - especially these days - not to ignore the air raid sirens. Please, this is your life, the life of your children.

I call on your government, your diplomats and your people to advocate for increasing pressure on Russia. To be advocates of freedom. In all directions. No trade with tyranny. Above all, it is necessary to abandon Russian oil, oil blends and petroleum products. No financial ties with tyranny. No political help for tyranny.

We need new tools, we need to look for them constantly. New determination. Something that can stop not only Russia, but also any potential aggressor. Ukraine proposes to create just such a tool. We call it U24. United 24.

If everyone in the world - or at least the vast majority - were steadfast and courageous leaders as Ukraine, as Britain, I am sure we would have already ended this war and restored peace throughout our liberated territory for all our people. But we still have to fight. We are still writing one of the most victorious chapters in our history.

I am grateful to all the participants of the Conference for being with us in this war for a free and democratic life for millions of people. Not only for Ukraine. But for all of us who may be threatened by tyranny.

It is the Ukrainians, together with our friends and partners - the anti-war coalition, as the anti-Hitler once was - that are repelling those who have forgotten exactly why people rejoiced in 1945. Because if everyone in Russia really remembered, this war simply would not have started now.