President of Ukraine


I believe that just as I am addressing your people now, when you celebrate the anniversary of the liberation of your country, your representatives will address the Ukrainian people as we celebrate the anniversary of our peace.

The more such strikes, the farther Russia is from civilization. From what is called civilizedness.

I am grateful to Albania for its cooperation within the United Nations platform. Especially now when your country is a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. We need to do a principled thing and stop using UN funds to sponsor Russia. If it violates the UN Charter, threatens the world's food security and destroys peace in Europe, it has no right to receive a single cent from the UN.

The laws should be as timely as Lend-Lease. Accurate as our "Stugna" and "Bayraktar". And bring benefits like "Neptune". And glory like our army. And to be such that will go down in history like the people of Ukraine!

It is no coincidence that they are waging a so-called total war to destroy all living things, after which only the burned ruins of entire cities and villages remain. To do this, one must completely reject the moral and achievements of the victors of Nazism. But if such people are in the Russian leadership, it does not mean they can judge others in Europe or in the world according to themselves.

The organization of such humanitarian corridors is one of the elements of the ongoing negotiation process. It is very complex. But no matter how difficult it was, more than 350,000 people were rescued from the areas of hostilities.

The occupiers are accumulating additional forces for new attacks against our military in the east of the country. They built up reinforcements in the Kharkiv region, trying to increase pressure in Donbas. They have already lost more than 23,000 soldiers in the battles of this senseless war for Russia. But they do not stop.

I am sure that now the Lend-Lease will help Ukraine and the whole free world beat the ideological successors of the Nazis, who started a war against us on our land.

The United States has prepared a new support package for Ukraine worth $ 33 billion. In particular, more than 20 billion can be allocated for defense. This is a very important step by the United States. And I am grateful to the American people and personally to President Biden for it.

An important decision of the European Union is being prepared. The European Commission has agreed to remove all duties and quotas on Ukrainian exports for a year, as well as to suspend anti-dumping tariffs. Right now, this will allow us to maintain the economic activity in Ukraine, our national production as much as possible.