President of Ukraine

Ukraine strives for peace in the east and does everything in its power for this - President at the opening of Rapid Trident – 2020

17 September 2020 - 12:58

Ukraine strives for peace in the east and does everything in its power for this - President at the opening of Rapid Trident – 2020

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasizes that achieving peace in Donbas, the return of all Ukrainian citizens and all territories is and will be his priority. Ukraine, like no other, seeks peace. This was stated by the President during his speech at the opening of the Rapid Trident – 2020 exercise at the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security within a working trip to the Lviv region.

"There is probably no person in the world today who does not know that the state of Ukraine, like no other, strives for peace and the end of the war in the east. And we do everything in our power for this. The long-awaited peace, the return of all our people and the return of all our territories has been, is and always will be my priority," the President said.

"My priority is also a modern, equipped and combat capable Ukrainian army. After all, it is our army that will be the guarantor of the future security, peaceful sleep of citizens and free development of independent Ukraine,” he added.

At the same time, according to Volodymyr Zelenskyy, during his meetings with international leaders, he always emphasizes that the war in Donbas is a threat not only to Ukraine, but also to the security and stability of all European countries and the world.

"Our partners stand in absolute solidarity with me on this issue. That is why we have united to overcome the current challenges and find mechanisms to adequately respond to them," the President said.

The President called Ukraine's integration into NATO one of such mechanisms and reminded that earlier this week he approved Ukraine's National Security Strategy, according to which NATO membership is a strategic course of the state.

"We must achieve interoperability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the relevant structures of the states of the Alliance as soon as possible. We must also intensify reforms that will allow us to receive the invitation and join the NATO Membership Action Plan," Volodymyr Zelenskyy stressed.

According to the President, these exercises are not only the next stage of improving military skills, but also an important step towards the Euro-Atlantic integration of our country, because they will strengthen the operational capabilities of our troops, improve interoperability between units and headquarters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, USA and other NATO members and partners.

"I am confident that the Ukrainian military will pass on to international colleagues the unique combat experience gained by them since the beginning of the war in 2014. In addition, the exercises will make relations between the military of the participating countries even closer and even more friendly," he said.

The President thanked all this year's participants and international partners for their continued support of Ukraine and assistance in strengthening the combat capability of the Ukrainian army.

"I believe that Rapid Trident – 2020 will help each of you improve your skills and abilities, and will be a good foundation and incentive in your future service," the President concluded.