President of Ukraine


All Russian murderers, every organizer of this aggression, everyone who in any way sustains the war against our country and terror against our people must be punished. And this is not just a dream of justice. This is work that is already underway.

Today morning, I was in touch with the commanders: the front is the first priority. I will especially note the fighters who defend Bakhmut.

We are doing everything to ensure that the International Criminal Court is successful in punishing Russian war criminals.

The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, and all his accomplices must receive legal and fair sentences. For everything they did. In the name and memory of all whose lives they took, and whose destinies they destroyed.

Today's brutal Russian missile attack on Zaporizhzhia will face our military and legal response.

At the energy meeting, we have set the current tasks to ensure that this heating season is completed properly. And we have already started preparing for the next season. We see risks, we will find a response.

I thank all Ukrainian warriors who, despite this insane pressure from the occupier, are defending our positions and destroying the Russian army! I thank each and every one who supports our warriors!

This confrontation is going on right now. And that is why right now we are calling on all businesses to come to Ukraine and to leave the Russian market.

Our pilots, together with our anti-aircraft gunners, together with all the warriors and specialists of our Air Forces, are already doing a great job. But we will be able to fully protect the sky when the aviation taboo in relations with our partners is lifted.

This is one week. And again and again, it's about strengthening our state, our soldiers, our steadfastness, our international positions.