President of Ukraine


We must strengthen our alliances and partnerships to ensure they are capable of protecting life in both the present and the future, making the 21st century distinct from the 19th or 17th – marked by peace. A reliable, lasting peace that no revanchist can destroy.

Important meetings with partners are planned. There will be new agreements. We are doing everything to make them effective for Ukraine, and I am sure it will be so.

Ukraine's global role is to be a security donor, a security exporter. Ukrainians know how to be strong and will always be strong and help others.

Lieutenant General Yevhen Moysiuk has been appointed a special envoy and will be responsible for the implementation of international security commitments for Ukraine and the development of the Defense Forces.

The world is waiting for American leadership to remain steadfast and help protect lives and preserve freedom. This truly contributes to confidence and motivation.

Everyone in Ukraine who can produce effective electronic warfare systems deserves full state support at all levels: at the central level – from the government – and in every region with such potential.

The accuracy of our sky defenders, the work of the electronic warfare systems, and the support from each of our partners in terms of the sky shield literally save lives.

We continue to reboot the management team in the Armed Forces. Now, people who are well-known in the army and who themselves know well what the army needs are taking on new responsibilities. Combat commanders of this war, whose experience will be useful at the all-army level.

The continuation of American support is necessary. And I thank all our American partners who understand this.