President of Ukraine


We are preparing for the European Council meeting at the level of leaders scheduled for tomorrow. It will be important to express gratitude to all our partners and further consolidate our efforts for this year to go the way Ukraine and our entire Europe needs.

Bringing our country closer to full membership in NATO is an unchanging priority. We are gradually fulfilling it.

The more successful Ukrainian drones are, from FPV to strategic drones, the more lives of our warriors we will save.

It is crucial that each week brings more clear agreements to our bilateral relations with partners, and more stability to defense coalitions in the supply of weapons, shells, and equipment.

We need more confidence for businesses and a larger legal, "white" economy for Ukraine. We need more Ukrainian production facilities, more Ukrainian products from various industries.

Our people, the Ukrainian society, need to see tangible results of our foreign policy activities.

It is obvious that the Russians are messing with the lives of Ukrainian captives, the feelings of their relatives, and the emotions of our society. All clear facts must be established. To the extent possible, given that the aircraft crashed on Russian territory – beyond our control.

The government will present amendments to the law on the Economic Security Bureau and some other laws to minimize the potential for any possible pressure on "white", legal businesses.