President of Ukraine


I am grateful to all our partners who are already forming new support packages. There will be a lot of relevant communication this month.

At every international meeting that can help the cause, we raise the issue of returning our captives. And we will continue this work to return our people… All our people.

The feeling of impunity among the Russian rulers, formed over decades of their unlimited power, has already caused many deaths and suffering. Russia must learn what accountability for destroying life is and what the power of defending life is.

January 2, 2024 – another attack by Russian savages. Almost a hundred missiles of various types. At least 70 missiles were shot down. Nearly 60 of them were intercepted in the Kyiv area. There were also severe strikes on Kharkiv.

I wish everyone who has already found themselves in our common cause to always have those who will lend a shoulder and will not let you down in life. I wish everyone who is still hesitating to make a bold choice next year – to defend their own country, to work for it, to help it, to find themselves in their own country, because this is the only place on earth where we can all say that we are at home.

Recently I signed several decrees on honoring our warriors and our gratitude to them. And I want to talk about them today. Almost 700 warriors. The Army. The Air Force. The Navy. The Main Intelligence Directorate. Five Heroes of Ukraine, and four of them are intelligence officers, warriors of the Main Intelligence Directorate

We will fight for our influence, for justice for Ukraine, and I am grateful to all the leaders who help, who have been with us since February 24th and will be with us in 2024.

Many leaders today have already declared their support for Ukraine and Ukrainians, and I am grateful to each one. Especially to those who have assisted our country with air defense. Our anti-aircraft defense forces have done a lot today, considering that Russian terrorists deliberately tried to bypass our defenses.

Today in Avdiivka, together with the team, we extended Christmas and New Year greetings to the military. All those who are on the front line. Those who are defending our country. Immense gratitude to all the relatives, to every family of our heroes. And to everyone who helps.

Increasing Ukraine's own capabilities and maintaining the consolidation of the world is our task. The task of the entire state and everyone who works for it.