President of Ukraine


We are already planning international events in January and February intensively to boost Ukraine's strength.

Ukraine must produce, either independently or jointly with partners, everything necessary for protection against any forms of Russian aggression. We can provide this.

Strength gives Ukraine life. The strength of everyone who fights for Ukraine. The strength of all who work for Ukraine. The strength of our people. Let's strengthen Ukraine together!

All those who are meeting the Christmas Eve in the trenches with weapons in their hands, facing the enemy. All our warriors of light. Guardian angels of Ukraine, who prove to us every day: good will prevail, light will prevail, one must have steadfast spirit, and strong faith. Every day we pray for each of them. We pray for an end to the war. We pray for victory.

The potential for U.S. sanctions has been increased. We also await the approval of the U.S. support package for the next year, and I am grateful to representatives of both parties for understanding that decisions need to be made.

We are preparing solutions to the issues that our units, combat brigades are facing. Matters of motivation, terms of service determination, and recruitment.

It is an honor to represent such people, such a nation, such courage in the world. And I ask you to always remember this – the Ukrainian people who inspire the world and deserve victory. Your job is to help bring Ukraine closer to victory.

Kharkiv, Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaporizhzhia, Kherson, and every other region of ours, where the fate of the state is currently being decided. By our warriors, by all our people. Maximum attention to defense.

And for the victory of Ukraine – over the evil that has come to our land and must be expelled.

A separate discussion focused on drones - what's in the warehouses and what's needed at the front. Logistics will be expedited.