President of Ukraine


And, of course, gratitude to our soldiers. Today, I want to particularly commend the soldiers of our National Guard, who, along with all the Armed Forces and security units, courageously and steadfastly defend Ukrainian positions.

Something that gives us confidence now, while we defend ourselves from Russian aggression, and establishes our strong security positions throughout the period until Ukraine joins NATO.

Freedom must be able to prevail in confrontations unleashed by tyranny. That is why this war that Russia has unleashed against Ukraine matters not only for us and not only for our continent, but for all nations that value their freedom or dream of becoming free.

When everyone helps one, the freedom of each wins. This rule has worked repeatedly throughout history. It will work now too - for all of us.

Despite all the challenges in the world, our careful, clear approach to every requirement and every opportunity can provide the Defense Forces with everything necessary.

It is vital to eliminate any possible schemes to circumvent sanctions. We are also working on new sanctions: the architecture of pressure on Russia must be strengthened.

Our priorities are clear: to fully implement the decision on opening negotiations, to prepare our negotiation framework with the European Union, and to develop a system of relations and communication with the Alliance members so that every state and every leader feels one hundred percent that NATO will become much stronger together with Ukraine.

Two years of this war have proven that Europe needs its own sufficient arsenal for the defense of freedom. Its own capabilities to ensure defense.

We are working tirelessly so that this year, our defense and security forces can rely mostly on our Ukrainian production in their actions.

As always, we are using every day of this week to intensify our international efforts so that this year starts yielding results from the first weeks.