President of Ukraine


In total, three thousand one hundred and thirty-five Ukrainians have been released from Russian captivity as of today.

This year should be the time of Ukraine – the time when every Ukrainian warrior will know, as before, that the Ukrainian state and the Ukrainian army are capable of winning.

This applies to frozen Russian assets, both of the terrorist state and of individuals associated with it. Everything must be confiscated and used for defense against terror. It is fair to retaliate against a terrorist.

The current list of tasks is clear: special staff positions for drone operations, special units, effective training, systematization of experience, constant scaling of production, and the involvement of the best ideas and top specialists in this field.

Today is a working day in three of our regions. Dnipropetrovsk region, Kropyvnytskyi region, Cherkasy region. The enhancement of electronic warfare and bolstering of our air defense are among the main issues everywhere.

We are working to enhance the ability to shoot down missiles and drones. And our Air Force servicemen, mobile firing groups, everyone who is combating Russian aerial terror specifically deserve our gratitude and further reinforcement.

Work is ongoing with the teams of European states to strengthen Ukraine, develop new defense packages, and implement new security solutions.

We will defend the regions. While the systems are still insufficient for the complete protection of Ukraine, we work towards this goal every day.

Today the EU has made a long-awaited decision: €50 billion for Ukraine. A support program. A long-term program for four years.

Ukraine Facility with 50 billion euros for a 4-year period. This is a clear signal that Ukraine will withstand and that Europe will withstand.