President of Ukraine


No matter what the occupiers do, no matter how they try to break our spirit, we must hold on, be mobilized and fully focused on what is necessary for our victory.

We will do everything so that there is no indifference left in the world towards this terrible war that Russia has unleashed against our state and against the very idea of freedom.

We will be remembered not as those who tried, but as those who preserved, strengthened and passed our state to our children so that they could pass it on to their children. A free, strong, modern and efficient state.

We will live to fight and fight to live. We will not give up until we drive the last occupier out of our home. We will not stop until we liberate the last meter of Ukrainian land.

We will liberate our territory with military, diplomatic and all other available means until we reach the legal borders of Ukraine.

For four months, the Russian state has not provided to its citizens any information - even censored - about the losses of the occupation contingent. Total silence. Nothing was published or said in numerous interviews and speeches at the political and military levels. However, this number is already almost 40,000 - that is how many killed people the Russian army has lost since February 24.

We are capable of stopping any evil that threatens our freedom. Only the joint leadership of the entire free world can be enough for this. And patience should be enough. Patience on the way to victory.

The gas blackmail of Europe, which only gets worse every month, is needed by a terrorist state to make life worse for every European. And this can actually be perceived as an incentive for the EU's eighth sanctions package to be significantly stronger than the recently approved seventh.

After all that our people have gone through, after all that we have learned over the centuries. Ukrainians will never give up their independence. And they will not break from the inside as has happened more than once. Not this time!

In these almost five months, we have achieved such large-scale and diplomatic support for Ukraine that Russia will not be able to oppose it. The day will come when missiles will lose their meaning for the occupiers.