President of Ukraine


All the details regarding our air defense system – its further development, supply, and production of the necessary missiles in Ukraine were also discussed at the Staff meeting.

The situation like last night in Kyiv, when people came to the shelter and the shelter was closed, should never happen again.

I thank everyone in the world who helps us increase the security space in the Black Sea, who puts pressure on Russia to unblock food supplies.

We are fighting together for children - for all children, for all future generations, for their rights and liberties. What we call "tomorrow" is what we want to build and pass on.

Now, in Ukraine, on our land, in our sky, it is being decided whether freedom and civilization will retain global leadership in this century. Decided by us, together with America, together with Europe, together with all our allies and partners.

Russia wants to follow the path of evil to the end, that is, to its defeat, because evil cannot have any other end but defeat. The world must see that terror is losing. 

We, Ukrainians, will always be grateful to the US and every American for an extraordinary support which helps us confine the Russian tyranny to the losers – those who lost to freedom. 

We will pass this extremely difficult stage of history, and all our cities will be free, and our people will be protected from evil.

We will also make next week strong from the point of view of our cooperation with partners. We don't lose a single week.