President of Ukraine


The enemy will certainly suffer losses in response to every strike against the Ukrainians.

Ukraine makes two appeals to you. The first one: priority needs for reconstruction. And the second one. It’s necessary to work on concrete mechanisms for using frozen Russian assets to compensate for the damage caused by Russia.

Russian assets must go to recovery after aggression. The war should be the most costly for the aggressor exactly. And we do everything for this.

No one will understand if the leaders don't react. Action is required now! And we in Ukraine must focus on the frontline as much as possible. Help as much as possible. Expel the occupier from our land!

Compared to last year, it’s quieter in many places now. But this does not mean that somewhere you can ignore the war or be less focused on helping the state.

Every month, every week, support is increased, the circle of those who support us, who support our grit and our faith in life, increases.

In fact, the values we are all fighting for here in Ukraine are relevant for every nation, regardless of whether they are geographically far from us, from our people.

The Crimean Tatar people respect Ramadan... Respect should always be mutual. Therefore, starting this year, such a special event of respect will be held annually in Ukraine with the participation of the Head of State.

Exactly defense – weapons for Ukraine, ammunition for Ukraine, new defense systems for Ukraine. And I thank Poland, I thank our partners for making this visit truly meaningful.