President of Ukraine


Ukrainian democracy maintains absolute internal unity even in the face of a total war against our people. To win – is our national goal. What does it mean to win? Our answer is clear: to preserve freedom, to preserve dignity, to preserve our land.

The destroyed Ukrainian cities and villages along the border of the terrorist state, Russia's constant blackmail and threats to destroy lives in other countries as well, the constant refusal to return to real peace and the mockery of basic international norms are all sufficient reasons to put pressure and fight.

At the Staff’s meeting, we discussed the overall situation in the frontline areas, the reinforcement and protection of our borders along the entire length of the front - from the Kherson region to the Kharkiv region.

It is wrong, it is unfair, when our warriors who come from the front have the feeling that for many in the rear, the war is allegedly already over.

Step by step, we are doing everything possible and everywhere so that Russian revanchism loses in every element of its aggression against Ukraine and the freedom of nations in general.

Thank you for protecting our state in the maritime defense sector – in the Ukrainian Navy and the coastguard of the State Border Guard Service.

All Russian terrorists will be defeated. Thanks to everyone who brings the Ukrainian victory closer! Glory to everyone who is fighting for Ukraine!

Today I was in one of the largest such villages - Posad-Pokrovske. Once one of the largest, before the invasion of Russia. And we will do everything to make this village one of the largest again - we will do everything to rebuild our territories. I am grateful to everyone who helps restore the normality of life after the Russian evil.

Right there, in Donbas, in the Kharkiv region - wherever Russian evil has come, it is obvious that the terrorist state cannot be stopped by anything other than one thing - our victory. And we will ensure it - the Ukrainian victory.