President of Ukraine


Together, we are returning Ukraine to Ukraine. Together, we are protecting our future, our dignity, our freedom, and our history.

Our European partners have agreed on a joint plan to accelerate the supply of shells for our artillery. This is a strategic step. It gives us confidence in our unity, in the immutability of the movement towards victory over the terrorist state.

The evil state will be held accountable for every act of terror against Ukrainians. This week has finally brought a truly significant international legal result for Ukraine, for justice.

Russian bombs destroyed the cities of Syria in the same way as our Ukrainian cities. This impunity is a significant part of the Kremlin's current aggressiveness.

I am grateful to the team of Prosecutor Karim Khan and the International Criminal Court, everyone in the world who is helping us in the fight for justice.

The day will come when all the perpetrators of war crimes against Ukrainians will be brought to justice in the halls of the International Criminal Court and national courts. Rashism will not be able to remain unpunished evil. There will be punishment. And if some terrorists hope to hide somewhere... It will not work for them.

The occupier must be destroyed. Thank you to everyone who makes this possible! Glory to each and every one who is now in combat! Glory to everyone who helps!

We will win this war. We are doing everything for this. We support each other. We reinforce the state. We unite the world for the sake of our victory, which actually consists of the actions of all those who are fighting for Ukraine, who are fighting for our country and for their brothers-in-arms, who are doing everything in order not to let the enemy take either our land or Ukrainian glory.

In particular, the government has approved and proposes to the Verkhovna Rada to adopt amendments to the state budget, with more than half a trillion hryvnias allocated for defense additionally. All funds will be used to provide financial support to the military, to support our defense sector.

I thank everyone who cares about Ukraine and Ukrainians! I thank everyone who cares about our unity and the unity of the world for the sake of Ukraine! I thank each and every one who is now fighting for the independence of our country!