President of Ukraine


We will do everything possible, everything impossible, to speed up the supply of more air defense systems of a higher quality to Ukraine – this is literally a daily issue for work with partners.

Today we have another positive result from our team working on exchanges. We have returned 106 more of our warriors from Russian captivity - they fought in the Bakhmut sector. It is very important that there was no information about many of these 106 people at all - they were considered missing. But we found them.

I invite you to cooperate at all levels with the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of Ukraine. Both at the level of the entire EU Committee of the Regions and directly: your regions with our regions.

We are doing everything we can to reduce the time until the result is achieved, until new and powerful aircraft with Ukrainian pilots emerge in the Ukrainian skies.

The strength of our state now, the strength of our defense now, is the basis of the strength of the rules-based international order.

Today there is an important declaration from the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. Things are called what they are: a clear recognition of Russia's crimes against our country as genocide, a clear condemnation of ruscist ideology. This is the right basis for other international organizations as well.

We are finishing this very difficult yet very important week. On Friday, we had the Arab League. On Saturday and Sunday – G7 plus Ukraine and an expanded format – seven plus partners.


Until now, the world has not had a Formula that could stop aggressors. Ukraine offers it. Ukraine offers the world salvation from war. To do this, we need to unite and make Russia the last aggressor.