President of Ukraine


We all have a chance to become co-authors of peace. This peace will not be for one country alone, just as this war is causing harm not only to Ukraine.

There have been attempts to ignore and disregard what we value. But now it is impossible. Now our power is growing. Anyone who might want to wage aggression against a democratic country sees what the response will be.

Today is the first day of meetings and negotiations in Japan on the eve of the G7 summit. We coordinate positions with partners, prepare new joint steps. Defense: weapons, air defense, fighter jets. We attract as many countries and leaders as possible for the sake of Ukraine. Peace Formula. Long-term support programs for Ukraine.

أدعو إلى المساهمة في حماية مواطنينا بمن فيهم أسرة المسلمين الأوكرانية

I am sure that we can all be united in saving people from the cages of Russian prisons.

Many of our people were not wearing vyshyvankas because they were in military uniforms. I ask you now to remember everyone who is fighting for Ukraine.

Today I held several preparatory meetings on new steps to strengthen our defense and our international positions.

Europe has been waiting for such times – times when leaders would act in one hundred percent unity and with one hundred percent results for the sake of protecting Europe, for the sake of our common values.

Day after day, month after month, our team has been working to ensure that we have protection of the sky.