President of Ukraine


Porque la vida es el valor máximo. La paz es el valor máximo. Y la mayor maldad es hacer agresión contra otro pueblo y llevar a cabo una guerra de bandidos.

Because life is of the highest value. Peace is of the highest value. And the greatest meanness is to launch aggression against another nation and wage bandit wars.

I especially want to note the absolutely principled position - and so congruent with Ukrainian - of the Mayor of Paris regarding the protection of the Olympic Movement from Russian ideologization and propaganda.

The Ukrainian system, like any normal European system, is completely opposite to the Russian model. Our strength lies in our people.

Air defense systems and other weapons to protect the sky are already here in Ukraine, they are really powerful. But they should be - and, I am sure, will be - even more powerful.

And honor to each of our warriors, to all Ukrainian men and women, who have been restraining and gradually destroying this Russian evil for 419 days and 9 years already.

The aggressor must lose. And this is our joint responsibility with our partners – to gain more time for peace, that is, to be as active as possible now in providing weapons and ammunition to speed up our joint victory.

Today, we celebrate the holiday of the Resurrection of the Lord. Its main symbol is victory: the victory of good, victory of truth, victory of life. We celebrate Easter with unshakable faith in the irreversibility of these victories. On this day a year ago, we all prayed that Ukraine would endure. Today – for Ukraine to win.

We will ensure Russia's full accountability for what it has committed against Ukraine and Ukrainians at all levels, including at the legal level. And I thank all the partners who help bring the verdicts closer to the occupiers – Russian murderers and terrorists.

I thank all our soldiers who ensure this, who remember that for every Russian attack on our cities and villages, on our positions, for every killing of Ukrainians, the occupier must suffer the most tangible losses.