President of Ukraine


Russia's goal is to erase all associations about Ukraine except the war. Ukraine without the past, without the bright moments of the present, and therefore without the right to the future. But it will lose. We are fighting for our future, they are fighting for someone else's past.

The aggressor must feel the power of the democratic world, the power of international law as soon as he intends to violate the existing basic norms.

Of course, I understand that in some of our regions now, any economic activity - official or nonofficial - is a matter of mere survival. But if we talk about the normal, stable and strong life of society, the work of the state, our defense, we must understand: there are those who serve, and there are those who provide with their work those who serve.

We must continue to use all instruments of pressure on Russia, both at the level of international organizations and at the level of countries, to stop its aggressive policy.

We can defeat tyranny. Indeed, every one of us – every one – is the leader of our time. We can reliably defend freedom. We can stop blackmail by a person who has no place on our list at all. If we are up to it, then we must do it. Because influence obliges us to do so.

According to the results of this day, the 105th day of the full-scale war, Severodonetsk remains the epicenter of the confrontation in Donbas. We defend our positions, inflict significant losses on the enemy.

We offer you just such a success. Because we feel that our defense in this war and our work for the victory have shown everyone in the world that we really deserve success.

The government is setting up a headquarters to prepare for the next heating season. This decision was made as a result of a meeting I held today with both government officials and representatives of our largest state-owned energy companies and regulators.

Do not forget that business, culture and ordinary people can also do a lot to keep Ukraine at the top of global attention.

Together with the Head of the Office we headed east. We were in Lysychansk, we were in Soledar. I am proud of everyone whom I met, whom I shook hands with, with whom I communicated, whom I supported. We brought something to the military. We also brought you something from them. Confidence and strength.