President of Ukraine


Let's talk at least for a moment not about what awaits us, but about what we managed to do. Because, forgetting about it, we underestimate the significance of this step.

Glastonbury is the greatest concentration of freedom these days. And I ask you to share this feeling with everyone whose freedom is under attack.

We have chosen the path. And that is why this decision of the EU is so important, motivates us and shows: all this is needed not only by us. Having declared our desire to go to the EU, today we finally heard clearly: we are waiting for you! You are welcome! We want to see you as a full member of our family.

I have nothing to say about most items of the necessary assistance from Israel to Ukraine, but the future relations between our states are important to me, so I speak frankly.

From the very morning I continued the telephone marathon for a positive decision on the candidacy for Ukraine. 11 leaders today. We must provide maximum support to our state. We expect a key European decision tomorrow night.

Ukraine and Canada are separated by the ocean and 7 thousand kilometers, but there is a full mutual understanding between us. Ukraine and Russia are separated by a common border, but there is a huge abyss between us. In words, actions and most importantly - values.

We are just days away from the European Union's historic decision on Ukraine. And I am sure that none of us – none of you – have any doubt that Ukraine should get a positive decision. We deserve it! And we deserve it not only for our bravery and our fight for freedom.

We do not decrease our activity for a single day. The lives of thousands of people depend directly on the speed of our partners - on the speed of implementation of their decisions to help Ukraine.