President of Ukraine


Speak of Ukraine! Don't let the world switch to something else! The world must remember that Ukraine is fighting for freedom. This fight must end in our victory as soon as possible.

Step by step, we are going through a crucial week and we are doing everything every day so that no one has any doubts that Ukraine deserves the candidacy. We prove every day that we are already part of a united European, I would even say, value space.

It is a special moment now. The moment when it is being decided whether peace will come to Ukraine soon. And I urge you - be active! I am grateful to Italy for its principled position. But we need to do even more for Ukraine to win.

Our number one task now is to finally get rid of the threat of famine. If it wasn't for the Russian war, you would be in a completely different position now - completely safe. That is why, in order to avoid famine, the efforts of states like Russia to return to the aggressive policy of colonialism must end.

Ukraine must be a participant in the Three Seas Initiative. We need to find a format in which we can implement the accession.

I think it is obvious to everyone that since 1991 there have been few such fateful decisions for Ukraine as we expect now. And I am convinced that only a positive decision meets the interests of the whole of Europe.

I am coming back from the south - visited today our frontline positions in the Mykolaiv region, visited Mykolaiv itself, and the Odesa region as well. I talked to our defenders - military, police, National Guard, territorial defense. Their mood is confident, and looking into their eyes it is obvious that they all do not doubt our victory.

Ukraine's European integration is not something purely political, not something detached from the lives of ordinary people. On the contrary. The closer we are to other European countries, the more opportunities we will have to guarantee all Ukrainians a modern and prosperous life.

By answering us about our European perspective and by answering you about your European perspective, the nations of Europe and European politicians are answering questions about the future of Europe.

Ukraine has felt the support of four powerful European states at once. And in particular support for our movement to the European Union. Italy, Romania, France and Germany are with us. All four leaders - Mr. Draghi, Mr. Iohannis, Mr. Macron and Mr. Scholz - support Ukraine's candidacy.