President of Ukraine


I believe that the International Criminal Court will inevitably ensure the liability of those guilty of crimes under its jurisdiction: war crimes, crimes against humanity, the crime of genocide. And I am grateful to all our partners who support us along the way.

We are indeed making significant efforts to restore the supply of food to the world market. And I am grateful to the United Nations and Turkey for their respective efforts. The success of this story is needed not only by our state, but also, without exaggeration, by the whole world.

When Ukraine turns to partners for weapons for its defense and for strengthening sanctions against a terrorist state, it is not only about our defense. And I am sincerely grateful to the Republic of Korea, which realizes that this is the situation, that we should act together.

Ukraine will be able to defend itself. Ukraine will be able to rebuild itself. Ukraine will be able to fulfill all its foreign policy goals.

Every concession in such conditions is perceived by the Russian leadership as an incentive for further, stronger pressure. Russia has never played by the rules in the energy sector and it will not play now unless it sees strength.

A lot still needs to be done so that Russian losses really cause a pause. Moreover, the pause not before new offensives of the occupiers, but before their retreat from our Ukrainian land. And I am grateful to all our fighters who are bringing this time closer.

I want to thank the United States of America for the decision to provide Ukraine with a new defense aid package in the amount of $400 million. Additional HIMARS launchers units and other high-precision weapons allow us to take precisely anti-terrorist steps and reduce Russian attack capabilities.

I also held all the necessary meetings with the leaders of Dnipropetrovsk region in general and Kryvy Rih district in particular – both military and civilian. Officials must do not just everything possible, but much more than even possible, to guarantee people a normal standard of living even in such wartime conditions.

We don't just enjoy freedom, we have made its defense a key goal of our anti-war coalition. We have not just achieved a new unity on the European continent, but are taking new and strong security, political and economic steps on its basis. And legal steps are next, namely: bringing Russian war criminals to justice.

In each direction, our partners have accurate information about our defense needs. This concerns air defense, modern MLRS.