President of Ukraine


Either the game will change in favor of Europe, or the enemies of democracy and freedom will believe that the game can change in their favor. We have to do it in time!

I called on NATO countries to speed up the supply of missile defense systems to Ukraine and significantly increase the pressure on the terrorist state.

Helping Ukraine end this war by winning on the battlefield now - that is, giving a really strong answer to what Russia is doing - is what we and each of your states and the whole Alliance, the whole Euro-Atlantic community need.

The names, faces and all information about each of these terrorists will be known to the world. None of them will be able to avoid responsibility, and personal sanctions will not be enough for these people. A sentence and imprisonment are the minimum they deserve.

We need to act immediately - and do everything to make Russia stop the killings of children, people - everyone. It must be brought to justice for terrorism, otherwise it could bring terrorist activity to other European countries, Asia.

Our resistance has lasted for 125 days already. For the world it is the eighth miracle, for the enemy it is the ninth wave, and for us it is the seventeenth article of the Constitution of Ukraine. The defense of Ukraine is the most important function of the state and the matter of the entire Ukrainian people.

This morning, I appealed to the United States to recognize Russia as a state that sponsors terrorism. The relevant resolution is approved by the US Senate Committee, and the legal decision can be adopted by the Department of State. And such a decision is clearly needed, and it must be supported by the entire democratic world.

Delays in the transfer of weapons to our state, any restrictions are actually an invitation for Russia to strike again and again. The occupiers - these terrorists - must be beaten with all our might so that they do not think they can put pressure and outplay someone.

If there are more than 20 thousand of those whose feat has already been awarded, what kind of missiles can anyone in Russia hope for? What artillery, what mines can help the occupiers, if they are really opposed by mass people’s resistance?