President of Ukraine


There is no such nation in the world that can feel safe when a terrorist state fires at a nuclear plant. God forbid, if something irreparable happens, no one will stop the wind that will spread the radioactive contamination.

I thank the partners – everyone who supplies Ukraine with the necessary weapons. In particular, another package of support from the United States was approved this week, which also includes ammunition for the HIMARS systems. We are doing everything to get yet more effective and modern weapons.

The main thing now is the constant increase in exports. Every adequate world player is interested in this. The more our grain will be on the global market, the smaller will be the harvest of political chaos in countries, primarily in Africa and Asia, but not only there.

Anyone who amnesties Russia and who artificially creates such an informational context that some attacks by terrorists are supposedly justified or supposedly understandable, cannot but realize that it helps the terrorists. And if you provide manipulative reports, then you share the responsibility for the death of people with them.

We need to fight, we need to beat terrorists on our land, we need to spread information about Ukrainian interests and achieve success and victories for Ukraine. Each and every one at their own level - both Ukrainians and partners. Terror can be stopped only by a joint indomitable force.

A lot of people worried and maybe still worry about the fact that it is necessary to act delicately and not to anger Russia. Regarding Russia being able to "save face". By now it should be obvious to everyone - all this is of no importance. It is impossible to anger those who are mad. It is impossible to save face for someone who does not want it.

When the world is united, when partners fulfill their commitments, the necessary result can be achieved.

The implementation of the Initiative on the export of Ukrainian grain and other agricultural products from our ports in the Black Sea began today. The first vessel carrying 26,000 tons of corn left the port of Odesa. As of now, it is too early to draw any conclusions and predict further events. But the port started working, the export traffic started.

Strategically, Russia has no chance of winning this war. And it is necessary to hold on, so that even at the tactical levels, the terrorist state feels its defeat. We have to hold on in the south, in the east and everywhere. We have to hold on in defense, diplomacy and politics. To preserve our unity.

At this stage of the war, terror is the main weapon for Russia. And that is why the main task of every Ukrainian, every defender of freedom and humanity in the world is to do everything to isolate the terrorist state and to protect as many people as possible from Russian attacks.