President of Ukraine


Ukraine invites you to join our peacemaking efforts. Your vote at the UN in support of the restoration of security and territorial integrity of Ukraine is always, always very important.

By the way, this year's NATO Summit in Vilnius deserves to be quite ambitious. The more ambitious the one who protects freedom, the less opportunities for aggression the one who wants evil has.

The enemy of freedom must lose – quickly and surely where he came with a criminal and unprovoked war of aggression. That is why we ask the USA for support, for weapons and finances. If Ukraine endures – your peace, your allies and partners endure as well.

The Kremlin will not be able to hide behind a chair in the UN Security Council, gas pipes or anything else. There will certainly be legal and fair responsibility for every Russian crime committed on Ukrainian soil. In the tribunal, in the International Criminal Court, in Ukrainian courts.

There is only one way to stop Russian terror, to restore security to all our cities and communities. And this is Ukraine’s military victory. There is no other way and there will be no other way.

There is no such form of terror that has not yet been committed by Russia. And there will be no such reason that will stop the reform of global institutions, in particular, the UN Security Council.

Ukrainians will endure this war. We will free our land and all our people from Russian captivity. And there will be a day when the world will hear that justice has been restored for Ukraine. There will be a new Nuremberg – against the ruscists.

We will do everything so that the day comes sooner when I can thank you, dear Ukrainians, for our victory!

I am sure that the Ukrainian Peace Formula will help the world protect itself from other similar aggressions. And I am sure that - against all odds - we will preserve our humanity, our civility, our morality and our belief that evil will always lose.

And all of us together: Ukrainians, all Europeans, our American allies, our friends on all continents - in Africa, in Asia, in Latin America, in Australia - will do everything to bring victory closer. The victory of Ukraine. The victory of freedom.