President of Ukraine


Russia will not be there. It has become a synonym for terror and will be an example of defeat and fair punishment for this terror. The punishment that the Kremlin cannot stop.

It is reasonable to defeat Russia now, to free Ukraine, to guarantee the security of Europe, to save from this Russian genocidal evil any other nation that could be threatened.

The meeting of the Staff of Supreme Commander-in-Chief has just ended. The commander-in-chief, commanders of the task forces reported on the situation on the front line, generally in the defense of the state. East and south, border. Bakhmut and our opportunities to strengthen there. Our responses to terrorist attacks.

I am also grateful to everyone in the world who realizes how important it is to give full protection to the Ukrainian sky, and to everyone who is ready to help us guarantee normal life for people.

The frontline, our defense, the battle for Bakhmut and the entire Donbas. This is the first priority.

It is important to express gratitude today. To all the women who work, teach, study, rescue, heal, fight - fight for Ukraine. To remember and thank all the women who gave their lives for our country. To thank mothers. To remember that as long as your mom is alive, you can feel like a child. To thank your loved ones for their respect and strength.

For more than nine years, Ukrainian heroes have been fighting for Ukraine's future in fierce battles for the country. Peace and relative safety in the rear cities is their feat. Our confidence in Ukraine's victory is their resilience and strength.

There is no part of Ukraine about which one can say that it can be abandoned. There is no Ukrainian trench in which the resilience and heroism of our warriors would be disregarded.

All Russian murderers, every organizer of this aggression, everyone who in any way sustains the war against our country and terror against our people must be punished. And this is not just a dream of justice. This is work that is already underway.

Today morning, I was in touch with the commanders: the front is the first priority. I will especially note the fighters who defend Bakhmut.