President of Ukraine


Three long days – and our warriors and our state are getting stronger. Much stronger, I am sure of it. We are returning home with new defense packages: more new and powerful weapons for the frontline, more protection for our people. More political support.

As Giorgia correctly said, when we in Ukraine defend freedom and our lives from Russian bombs and missiles, from terror, we keep away war from the rest of Europe.

Today is a sanction day. Five sanctions packages have been approved, which we prepared very carefully these weeks in the NSDC, the Cabinet of Ministers, the Office, and our secret services.

Ukraine should become and has already become a place of strength for Europe and the entire free world. We have to ensure maximum security, maximum freedom, maximum respect for the law and for people in Ukraine.

Here, in Ukraine, we will have the maximum of Europe in Europe - the maximum possible of what European values are capable of, what European and global cooperation is capable of.

It is only a matter of time before the current aggressor loses, like the aggressor who lost 78 years ago, before Russian revanchism is crushed by the bravery of our warriors and the joint power of the free world.

I am pleased to announce that our joint group working to punish the aggressor - our Core Group - already includes thirty-seven states. And this number will continue to grow.

The world needs to see that a free nation is capable of defending freedom from invaders. If we can do it, then others can do it. If they act as boldly, as accurately, and in the same unity with other free nations.